Coldset Tabloid Newspaper

Paper: 42.5gms Newsprint

PDF spec: PDF/X-1a

Images: 200 ppi

Line Work: 1016 lpi


Please ensure that all files are flattened in the original application prior to sending, and that the final document is the exact dimensions for the ad space required There should be no bleed or trim marks included in your final file.

Design of ads must allow for the nature of the newspaper printing process. Colour text, or text on colour background, must have a minimum point size of 10pt and the font weight set to bold. Trap setting should be adjusted to allow for the risk of miss-register or overprint used where registration is critical. Total ink weight of 240 will need to be honoured.

Text smaller than 7pt should not be used.

The standard profile is ISOnewspaper26v4

File Delivery:
Adstream -
AdSend -
Qmuli -
Specle -

Display Column Sizes

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Page 1 35mm 74mm 112mm 150mm 188mm 226mm 265mm
Page 2 318mm 356mm 395mm 433mm 471mm 510mm 548mm


Full Page   Weather Panel
Width: 265mm   Width: 65mm

Height: 341mm   Height: 50mm
Half Page   5x6 Strip Ad
Width: 265mm   Width: 226mm
Height: 170mm   
Height: 50mm
DPS (double page spread)   Standard Fireplace
Width: 548mm   Width: 318mm
Hight: 341   Height: 250mm


Classified Columns

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
31mm 65mm 98mm 132mm 165mm 199mm 232mm 265mm


Full Page    
Width: 265mm    
Height: 325mm    
Half Page    
Width: 265mm    
Height: 165mm    
DPS (double page spread)    
Width: 548mm    
Hight: 325    

Mirror Stitch and Trim

 Display Fixed Sizes Trim Bleed(5mm top & bottom, 2mm left & right) Type
Full Page (Display/Class) W 265mm x H 338mm W 270mm x H 348mm W 246mm x H 318mm
DPS W 530mm x H 338mm W 535mm x H 348mm W 510mm x H 318mm
HPH N/A N/A W 246mm x H 150mm
QP N/A N/A W 121.5mm x H 150mm


Bleed Size 270 x 348mm
Trim Size 265 x 228mm
Type Area 246 x 318mm

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