We currently work with Teads.




Videoformat:                    Any (mov, fla, mpeg,mp4, oggetc.) Application/shockwave flash (SWF), application/j-avascript(JS)

inRead Resolution:          Max 1920x1080 – Min 640x360 (720p recommended)

Maximumfilesize:            Ensure your video (mp4) assets are under 4 MB in size. Even if you are running a 3rd party VAST/VPAID tag, please ensure the media file within the XML is less than 4 MB.

Length:                            Preferably 15-30 seconds on desktop (15 s on mobile)

Aspectratio:                     16:9
 (4:3 not supported). Widescreen notrecommended.

Codec:                             Any video codecs except ProRes 4444,HDV720p60, Go2 Meeting 3 & 4, ER AAC LD,REDCODE


URL redirect (click command)+Trackers (optional)


VAST redirect


Maximum creative size hosted by agency: 5MB 

All TEADS formats are VAST and VPAID compliant